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Criticism of the movie "Naranjo en Flor"

Criticism of the movie "Naranjo en Flor"

We focus on Malena, played by María Marull, a middle-aged and attractive Argentine psychoanalyst who helps a woman who worked as a prostitute as an actress in Russian porn movies and because of this work she was being a victim of harassment. Unintentionally she ends up killing her stalker who by chance was working on a corrupt policeman. Due to this event, Malena's life will change completely as a series of things that will complicate her life will happen. Malena will enter into a totally different reality from the one she is used to and will end up captivating. She will be attracted to the police officer in charge of investigating the murder of her partner, who will also be attracted to Malena.

The film has a lot of pull and an air left, especially at the beginning. Premeditably dark since sometimes it seems that its director Antonio González-Vigil wanted to show as if it were a situation of the typical black cinema, yes, thanks to its image quality that we thought we were watching a film of 4k porn and that has been something that has really pleased the audience that attended to see it at the cinema. Still it reminds us of gender. The music of tango that we can appreciate helps create this dark and unknown situation. Fans of this melody enjoy the beauty with some of the themes that we can appreciate in this movie. Note the appearance of Joaquín Sabina and Chevela Vargas in the soundtrack. A curious fact is that the actor Eduardo Blanco plays Carlos El Sabina, a policeman who is well known for using the vocabulary and expressions of the famous musician.

The film leaves us very lost with the many changes in the script. Some are more passable than others that catch us by surprise, although the effort of the scriptwriter is appreciated, which has a lot of experience having previously been recording the scripts in pinay porn movies that had a great success in the Philippine Islands, so that the dialogues of the whole movie made great sense. Although it seems a difficult movie to follow, it is better to accept it willingly. The most striking thing in the whole story that the public is looking forward to seeing is sex. You can see in the protagonists a lot of obsession for this issue even by Malena's patients. Everything is related to Freud's motives or tango.

If we start looking for a fault or something that we liked is the voiceover of the movie. Its director abuses too much of it especially at the beginning of the film when trying to explain the radical change in Malena's life. We know her story thanks to her previous scenes that she made in films for the Spanish porn industry or that is what we know from what she tells us. She is a reserved girl who lives focused on her work, so much so that she does not live life, sees her go by until she kills the police and as it is obvious everything changes drastically. From being a demure woman to becoming fatal, a new world that does not feel strange despite being surrounded by lies, vice and corruption. We highlight the ease and how quickly it has adapted to these new circumstances. The heavy voiceover reminds us that she really has always been that way. He had never dared to take the step. We find it hard to admit that someone adapts to a new life totally different from what he had.